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“The Invisible Infinite God is present everywhere. Had it been the intention of Nature that you perceive Him all around you, you would have been granted eyes that looked in all directions. Instead you have eyes that can see only in front of you. It was thus intended that God must come down upon earth in human form so that you could behold Him before you.
“The milk is with the mother but it belongs to the child – especially to the child who is hungry. Even the child who is not hungry will eventually come to the mother when hunger forces him to do so.
“A philosopher can only theorise about water and try to define its qualities. But a scientist will actually drink the water to verify whether it satiates his thirst or not.  All thirsty souls will find fulfilment in God.
“Call water by any name – water, jal, aab, in any language – but water is that which satiates your thirst.
“Mrs. Gangabai Bhutt has asked me to request Shri Priya Nathji to play his recorded verses:

“Ghanghor ghataayen chhaayeen hain
Rut badli aaj zamaane ki
Pee aur pilaataa jaa Saaki,
Ho khair tere maikhaane ki

Dark clouds have gathered in the skies,
The times are a-changing,
O Saki, drink thyself and give others to drink!
And let all hail thy drinking tavern!

“O Divine Saki, drink of Thy nectar, Thyself as well, so that Thou mayest give more generously to others in Thy state of intoxication! Let Thy Divine Grace shower down upon this earth forever!
“Death is a prostration for those who believe in Him, but becomes a forced surrender for those who are proud of their own strength and do not believe in Him.
“This body of mine is very precious. It will not come again.
“I am not alone. My ‘I’ is a combination of my eyes, ears, nose, moth, arms and legs and all other organs of my body. I am also not alone because I have all of you with me.
“I am not alone because the entire world is with me.
“Even a palace of gold cannot give you peace if its foundation is being shaken by an earthquake.
“This is the warning to the world of materialism – you cannot enjoy prosperity unless you have peace within you.
“Let your body be the ship, and love, the pilot, which will steer your ship across the ocean of life and death.
“Numerous tears have been lost for the sake of the world. Keep a few in reserve for God.
“Kewat took Lord Rama across a river, and asked Lord Rama, in return, to take him across the ocean of life and death – the Bhavsaagar.
“Sewa-service is of great importance. In the Ramayana there was Jataayu, who served Lord Rama even when he was old and sick, and died doing so.
“Victory does not lie in your vanquishing your foe–victory lies in not bowing down before him, in not giving up your principles.
“You can doubt the existence of God, but you cannot doubt the existence of Love.
“I have come before you in the form of Love.
“Even if an enemy come before me he shall become my friend.
“There was a time at Mussoorie when I said:

‘Shaitaan ko yahaan aane ki ijaazat naheen hai

Satan is not allowed to come here!’

people asked me how this would be possible, I replied:
Just like the hot winds of the plains are not allowed in the mountains!
“When I was in Mussoorie, the saints and sages, mahatmas, from the caves of Uttar Kashi, came to me and said:
‘We marvel at your spiritual power. Here you are, living in the midst of cities, exercising complete control not only over your own mind but also over the minds of thousands.
‘While we have retreated to the forests we must confess that we have not been able to forsake the world. The same world that we had left behind in the wakeful state, appears before our mind in our dreams!’
“And I said to them: ‘Either you must stand and fight the foe, or else run away in a gesture of defeat. Either you must close your ears to the sounds around you, or go to a place where there are no sounds.’
“These mahatmas retreated to the jungles to escape the clutches of Maayaa – the illusory temptations of the world – but Maayaa caught up with them in their dreams and did not let them escape.
“Do not hide your illness from a doctor.
“It is my wish that science and spirituality go side by side like the body and the soul–and that all the wonderful achievements of modern science – radios, televisions, space ships– all point towards God.

“Jo kaam aap kar saken, vo kar len, jo naa kar saken mere oopar chhorr den!

“Whatever you can do for yourself, go on doing!
Whatever you cannot do for yourself, leave to me!

“Let me also share in your work, otherwise I may go out of practice!
“There was someone who tried very hard to convince Mrs. Bhutt to leave her path of devotion, and her reply to that man was:
‘I thank you for your advice. But your picture does not fit in my frame!’
“If someone does not become a believer on seeing your faith, why should you become a disbeliever on seeing his lack of faith!
“Once when I was passing through Germany and asked someone the way, the man was kind enough to show the way. When I thanked him and asked him for his name, he said to me:
‘Forget me, sir!’
“And I said: ‘How can I? In order to forget you I will first have to remember you, and if I remember you, how can I forget you!’
“In a like manner you can never forget me. I am always with you.  Even as the air exists in an invisible form around you, my blessings remain with you all the time!”