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Shri Nathji lived in the house along with his old devotee, Shri Sahadeva, who had been associated with Shri Nathji since the 1ate 1930’s. He slept in the verandah outside the main hall. In every state of life Sahadeva saw the will of Shri Nathji prevailing.
Residing in the house was also Mrs. Gangabai Bhutt, the wife of the late Shri Ganesh Prasad Bhutt.  She had seen Shri Nathji in the form of Lord Vishnu in the heavens in 1934 and had eventually found him at Lahore in 1937 after a three-year search, and had become his staunch devotee. She existed in the world solely for the sake of Shri Nathji and spent all her time in spreading Shri Nathji’s name to as many people as she could.
Her daughter was an invalid confined to bed. When someone said to her: Mrs. Bhutt why don’t you ask Shri Nathji to cure your daughter?
She replied: Why should I trouble Shri Nathji! I am quite content in the state my daughter is in. Now she can do no wrong. She is free from the cycle of karma – cause and effect.  She feels no sorrows or joys in this state and is freed of the cycle of desires that haunt a person all his life. Now there will be no impediments to her going to heaven. I would not exchange her state with that of a total cure.
Shri Nathji’s glory was spreading in all directions all the time. Even when he was with nobody at all, or just one person, or with large groups in the house, he was present everywhere in the Universe. Never before had his Divine Light soared to such great heights. All who came before him were at once transported to another world where there was only divine bliss.
He spoke for hours on end to all who came to him–men, women and children, the rich and the poor, the intellectuals and the illiterate–giving of the precious time of his life to them. He did not waste even one single moment.
There was a time when he said:

“Jeevan kaa asli laabh to maine hee liyaa hai–Jis jeevan ne chale hee jaanaa thhaa usse aap logon ki sevaa men lagaa diyaa! 

“I have really taken full benefit of my life. I have spent a life, that was to go, in your service!”

Shri Nathji had often said:
You don’t come to me merely to listen to my words. You come here to receive my blessings and to be purified. The sins of ages are burnt away when you sit with faith and devotion before me.
Albeit between October 1978 and June 1979 Shri Nathji gave a series of lectures at Nagpur that were fascinating and enlightening beyond compare and which revealed his divinity more than ever before. These were faithfully preserved by Priya Nath in their original Hindustani recordings. Their summary translations in English are given below in the pages to follow, to remain forever as a part of Shri Nathji’s glorious history.