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Those were the days of 1979 when Priya Nath made musical compositions of many of Shri Nathji’s verses and sang them using Mrs. Bhutt’s harmonium. His voice could be heard in the solitary evenings singing these verses and others that Shri Nathji had composed:

Ishq men tere kohe gham sar par liyaa jo ho so ho
Aishe nashaat zindagi sab tark kiyaa jo ho so ho

For Thy love I carry a burden of sorrows and care not what may be
I have given up the joys of life, and care not what may be

Maanaa tumhaari deed ke kaabil naheen hoon main
Too meraa shauk dekh meraa intazaar dekh

I know that I am not worthy to catch a glimpse of Thee,
But look upon my yearning, look upon my waiting for Thee

Girte girte uskaa daaman thhaam le,
Girne vaale lagzishon se kaam le
Teri naakaami bhee kaam aajaayegi
Apni naakaami se kuchh to kaam le

Slipping and falling, hold thou the fold His garment,
O thou who wouldst fall, make use of thy falling!
Thy helplessness shall be of use to thee,
Let thy helplessness work for thee

And then there was the longer ghazal which Shri Nathji enjoyed immensely whenever Priya Nath sang it:

Jo dil ko tumpar mitaa chuke hain
Mazaake ulfat urraa chuke hain,
Na sooye kaabaa jhukaate hain sar
Na gaate hain butkade ke dar par
Unhen hai dairo haram baraabar
Jo tujhko kiblaa banaa chuke hain

They who have given up their hearts to thee
Make light of worldly Love,
They bow not towards the Kaabaa,
Nor sing before the house of idols,
For them the temple and the mosque are the same,
For they have made Thee, their God

Bataa rahi hai ye dil kee masti
Mitaa ke apnaa vajoode hasti,
Marenge yaaro inheen ke dar par
Jo naam taalib likhaa chuke hain

The intoxication of the heart tells us
On annihilating the shape of existence,
That we shall die at His door,
We, who have signed ourselves as His seekers

And then there was the verse that portrayed the intoxication that Shri Nathji gave to the people without a bottle of wine or a goblet:

Suraahee hai na saibaa hai na koyi jaam hai Saaki
Tere rindon ki maifil men Khudaa kaa naam hai Saaki

There is neither a goblet here nor a jug, nor any glass of wine, O Saki!
In this gathering of thy lovers there is but the name of God

Whenever these, and other recorded verses, were played by Priya Nath in the daily evening satsangs, people cried with emotion. Priya Nath’s voice had taken on a new feeling that brought the divinity of Shri Nathji to fore more strongly than before.
Mrs. Bhutt in particular would say with great appreciation: No one in the world has a voice like Shri Priya Nathji’s! It is a divine voice.
And it was thus that the atmosphere that had been surcharged with evil was dispersed by Shri Nathji and Priya Nath. Shri Nathji was the wisest and the bravest man upon earth on the physical plane. And he was the Eternal Immortal God in the Invisible plane. Both his faces existed at the same time.