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Almost over the entire year 1979, Priya Nath had busied himself fighting against the forces of evil. He had filed numerous complaints and petitions before the authorities and the courts which took up a large part of his time. There were the numerous conferences with lawyers, the occasional trips to the courts, and the discussions with the devotees.
Priya Nath felt that he was not doing enough to protect and safeguard the precious life of Shri Nathji, and that all the troubles that befell Shri Nathji were due to lapses on his part.
It was also true that the men of the world who wished to make Priya Nath their target would unfailingly attack Shri Nathji knowing that this was the easiest way of hurting Priya Nath. This had been so on many occasions in the past. Shri Nathji, on the other hand, was always worried about Priya Nath and wished to give him the greatest possible protection, not only spiritually but also physically as his father.
Shri Nathji would never allow Priya Nath to go out alone and would insist upon accompanying him wherever he went if only to act as his bodyguard.
There were even the occasions when advocates and devotees were surprised on seeing Shri Nathji accompanying Priya Nath to the courts, where Priya Nath would attend to his dates while Shri Nathji would dutifully wait in the parked car outside.
The people who served Shri Nathji during those difficult moments received special divine benedictions from him. The numerous advocates, government officers, clerks, taxi drivers and other worldly men who came into contact with Shri Nathji were at once sanctified by his blessings, which they would never have got otherwise, had Shri Nathji not allowed these troubles to come to him.
Shri Nathji had the entire knowledge of the world at his disposal as he had frequently said:

Baandhe hue haathon ba ummeede ijaazat
Hain kharre sainkaron mazmoon mere aage

Hands folded in obedience, awaiting orders,
Stand countless subjects of the world before me

Shri Nathji would frequently help Priya Nath prepare his legal documents and give legal advice that astonished even the ablest of lawyers. Priya Nath had discovered that whatever legal points were suggested by Shri Nathji were proved to be correct even in the highest courts of the land. Truly Shri Nathji had the knowledge of the world at his command. He had never been seen studying any books on law in his entire life.
Lala Hargopal Khanna, Mahamateshwari’s father, who was a renowned senior advocate of Lahore and the Legal Adviser of the Punjab National Bank used to say to Shri Nathji in 1939:
Tussee te dhurro dhurraayi aaye ho! You have come into the world knowing everything! If you had been a lawyer or a judge, the world of law would have been astounded!
At this, Shri Babaji Maharaj had said: But now, even judges and lawyers follow him.
Many of the renowned lawyers and judges of the time had been enamoured of Shri Nathji and saw the holiest of the holy in him. In Nagpur there was Shri G.N. Khare, a senior advocate of the High Court who would say: “I have seen many facets of spirituality, but this is the ultimate experience!”