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Shri Nathji, however, encouraged Priya Nath to write the Holy Book himself, and added:
Priyaji, it is a good thing you have not studied spiritual and religious texts, because now your mind will have a perception that is entirely your own, and you will not even unconsciously imbibe the writings of other authors of spiritual and religious books.
“Now that your mind is free from all bias and external influences, you will write down only what you really and truly feel. God shall enter your thoughts and write the book Himself. You have my blessings. Go and begin writing the book, which has always been one of your main ambitions in life. I will dictate the events of my life to you.
And thus it was that Priya Nath embarked on what was to be the greatest thesis in his life, the greatest scientific writing of his career as a Harvard educated nuclear physicist.
During those days, whenever Shri Nathji was relatively free, he would dictate his biography to Priya Nath, speaking slowly and softly in Hindustani, while Priya Nath would transcribe the words into English as best as he could.
Shri Nathji would be seen reclining in his arm chair in the large sitting room, whilst Priya Nath would sit on a cot opposite him. There would be numerous interruptions as people came and went, but the dictation continued regularly, until Priya Nath had a treasury of Shri Nathji’s past.
Shri Nathji had taken Priya Nath to that period of time when Priya Nath had not even been born, and when Shri Nathji had been a youth himself before the days of his marriage in 1939.
Priya Nath had only to sort out the events chronologically and then translate them into English.