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Despite the physical strain and the run-down health as well as the perplexity of the problems before them, Shri Nathji’s Divine light continued to shine out as brilliantly as ever before. All those who came to him were overwhelmed by his divine radiance. People found their sorrows and sufferings disappearing the moment they came before him. An aura of divine bliss surrounded him all the time.
Shri Babaji Maharaj had said:
“Anyone can be happy in congenial circumstances, but to be happy in the difficult circumstances of life is the work of an Avatar!”
Shri Nathji could pass through the greatest difficulties of life and yet remain ever radiant, ever blissful and smiling, to give peace of mind to the suffering humanity that came to him. No one would ever know that he was surrounded by difficulties.
A devotee said to Shri Nathji:
“Prabhuji! Any other mahatma in your place would have said to the public, ‘Please stop bothering me, I have enough problems of my own!’ But here you are giving peace and happiness to countless souls while living in such travails yourself!”