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As time progressed Priya Nath eventually wrote a biography of Shri Nathji in English that was over 800 pages in length. The conditions in which the book was written and printed were almost impossible. Some of the worst storms hit Priya Nath and Shri Nathji during this period of time. The powers of evil were dismayed, and agitated at this monumental work being done. Their one aim in life was to destroy everything that Shri Nathji stood for.
Troubles began at the very outset as soon as the manuscript was given for printing. The first printing press was owned by a man with dubious credentials. It was a struggle getting the manuscript back from him so that it could be given to another press.
And finally the Majestic Printing press at Nagpur was chosen. The owner of the Press was a Shri Lawate, the man who had printed Mahamateshwari’s biography, Amar Jyoti. 
The biography of Shri Nathji was finally printed in the last half of 1979 in a beautiful maroon coloured jacket, with the words in gold printed on the jacket:
But during this period, the powers of evil struck with devastating power.