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Shri Nathji returned to London, radiant with good health. People in London could hardly recognise him. He was looking twenty years younger and had put on weight. Both, Pran Nath and Mateshwari, were delighted at this physical transforma­tion. Shri Nathji’s diet in America had been palatable, materially as well as spiritually. He was now 62 years of age.
You look amazingly young, said a doctor in London when he was told of Shri Nathji’s age, what vitamins do you take?
He doesn’t need any vitamins, Pran Nath said, with his spiritual power he can even distribute vitamins to others!
A doctor in a London Hospital spotted the Orange Sign in the right eye of Shri Nathji. He was so fascinated by it that he requested Shri Nathji to step into a room, and he immediately called a number of eminent eye specialists from the ophthalmology department. The doctors gathered around Shri Nathji and bent down to examine the orange growth in turns. They had never seen any­thing like it before.
We can try to operate upon it and remove it if you so wish, said an eye specialist.
Pran Nath, who was with Shri Nathji, immediately brought the eye examination to a halt and took Shri Nathji away.
The Orange Sign in the eye was the sign of Lord Shankar, the sign of spirituality–it was the sign of the Avatar. This was Nature’s own secret marking upon the human body God was to take on earth.
Once Shri Nathji had said:
I can keep myself alive with a miracle, without the use of food or water. But would that not be belittling a greater miracle–that of the creation of food and water in the Universe?
At another time, Shri Nathji said:
I do not exist under the dictates of Death. I can keep my body for as long as I want to, and leave it whenever I wish. My body is like a vestment. I can don tattered clothes and discard princely robes if I so wish.
He had also said:
Death has no right over any of my devotees. They can choose their own moment.
And if this was true of Shri Nathji’s devotees, how much more true it would be of Mateshwari who was the Supreme Devotee and consort of the Lord upon earth.