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Soon after Shri Nathji had left for London, Priya Nath followed him there. His mind had been very heavy after Shri Nathji’s departure from the United States. He still had three weeks of the summer vacation left, and he wished to spend it with Shri Nathji and Mateshwari.
When Priya Nath arrived in London he was very saddened on seeing the state of Mateshwari’s health. The apartment at 149, Fellows Road was dark and gloomy. It was owned by a Sikh who seldom took, much care of it, and Mateshwari had to share the kitchen with his wife.
Priya Nath wept at the state of affairs in London and asked Shri Nathji to go back to India where he could live comfortably in their large mansion, Savitri Nivas, at Mussoorie and also be served by Bhutt and other devotees who loved him. Here, in London, Shri Nathji was in virtual exile. No other sadhu, mahatma or spiritual leader would ever have gone into such a self-imposed confinement in a place like London as Shri Nathji had done. But there was a divine plan behind all his actions and his leela had to unfold itself.
Pran Nath was still continuing his studies in London and Shri Nathji did not wish to terminate them abruptly and return to India. Albeit, Shri Nathji’s decision to stay on in London was a tragic one.
Priya Nath continued to visit Shri Nathji on every summer vacation in the two years, 1965-1966 that followed. Shri Nathji had later shifted to 10, Fawley Road after his brief stay at 149 Fellows Road. The apartment at 10, Fawley Road was bigger and cleaner, and Karai also began to live with them. However the place was to prove most inauspicious in the days to come.