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For the first two years of his stay at Harvard, during 1963-1964, Priya Nath was not earning anything but was on a scholarship that barely covered his expenses. Even then he managed to save a few dollars and sent them to Shri Nathji at London whenever he could.  It soon became obvious to him that if he was to serve Shri Nathji in a better way he would have to get a job outside.
Quite suddenly a miraculous offer of a teaching job came to Priya Nath from the prestigious Pine Manor Junior College in Massachusetts. When Priya Nath went to look at the college, its aesthetic surroundings made him feel as if it had been especially made for him. It was Shri Nathji’s miracle. Once again Shri Nathji’s dictum: “Every intense desire must find fulfilment,” had come true.
Priya Nath took up the teaching job in 1965 It was a college in which the wealthy debutantes, daughters of the rich, studied for a polishing-up two year course in the Arts and Sciences for the Bachelor’s degree. The daughters of McGraw, Firestone and other millionaires were in the college. The teaching hours were so minimal that Priya Nath got time to concentrate on his Ph.D studies at Harvard as well.
The place seemed to have been especially made for him by Shri Nathji. Very soon Priya Nath had become the most popular teacher on campus. This was not only due to his incredible teaching ability but also due to his sense of humour, and his reputation as a musician and philosopher. His popular lectures on Einstein’s Theory of Relativity won him thunderous applause, as well as wide acclaim. The President of the College, Mr. Ferry, would take Priya Nath out on lecture tours.
Now that Priya Nath had begun to earn money, he began to send half of his salary to Shri Nathji and Mateshwari in London so that they could live in relative comfort there. Although it was not a large amount, yet Shri Nathji’s love was such that he would never tire telling people in later days:
“Priya Nathji ne hamko London men baadshaahon ki tarah rakhaa! We lived like kings in London due to Priyaji.”
In the days just before Priya Nath had left India with Mateshwari, he had read a very overbearing and petulant letter sent to Mateshwari by Gangabai Bhutt, in which she had blamed Mateshwari for all the ills that surrounded Shri Nathji, for sending Pran Nath to London and then letting Shri Nathji follow suit. The only reason she could take such liberties in addressing Mateshwari was because her husband Bhutt served Shri Nathji.
Priya Nath had written an angry letter to Mrs. Bhutt at the time saying: “ It appears that your attitude is irreverent because you are serving Shri Nathji. But let me tell you that a time will come when you will no longer be given the opportunity to serve Shri Nathji– and I alone shall serve him.”
And that was exactly what happened. When Shri Nathji came to London, Bhutt could not serve him in any way. And Priya Nath took on the mantle of serving Shri Nathji on his own shoulders.
Indeed, during those years, Priya Nath was the only one serving Shri Nathji. The sewa of all devotees who had at any time been serving Shri Nathji had been cut off. They were to realise that when God gave them a chance to serve Him he was actually doing them a favour. Now that they could not serve Him in any way they found their lives floundering. Perhaps it was their punishment for being miserly towards Him, when they had ample opportunity to serve Him, who had given them everything in life.
Priya Nath was very happy when Pran Nath would take Shri Nathji and Mateshwari for rides in the city in his Anglia Ford car in London, and also take Mateshwari to the hospital as an outpatient. In later days Priya Nath also bought a car for himself in America for the long drive between Harvard and Pine Manor Junior College. He chose a Ford Falcon car that was the exact colour of Shri Nathji’s turban. Mateshwari was not happy about the purchase of the cars by the boys, as she was continuously worried about road accidents and never liked cars.