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As more and more time elapsed in London, Shri Nathji discarded his turban which had become too difficult to wash and press.
Beautiful! said George Korab De Moers, why have you been hiding your head in the head-dress! Let the world look upon you, bare-headed!
And, for the first time in his life, Shri Nathji moved out of his house without the turban. Thus was lost a powerful distinguishing feature, and Shri Nathji became one amongst the people.
No matter what you wear, said Mr. Karai, and no matter how you dress, any person who looks upon you will only see you in the form he envisions in his mind!
Shri Nathji did not, however, exchange his typically eastern attire for a western one. The sherwaani or achkan, and chooridars remained. He never wore a suit or trousers at any time in his life–except once when he had played tennis with R. R. Khanna in Lucknow.