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Once back in London, the same silence came over Shri Nathji as had existed before he left for America. It would take a long time for the people of this city to awaken to spiritual truths.
Billy Graham, the famous American evangelist and preacher, happened to be in London at the time. Crowds of boisterous youngsters mocked him and made fun of his spiritual quest. There were photographs of these young materialists dancing on the roof of his car.
George Korab De Moers made an attempt to bring Billy Graham to Shri Nathji. An evangelist of God would surely recognise God. But the evangelist was much too busy preaching about God to spare a moment for Him. One does not know what might have transpired had Billy Graham come before Shri Nathji. The evangelist had a spark of light within him, and perhaps he would have recognised the Sun.
But the ways of God were mysterious. He had come down to earth to be recognised by just a few. It made no difference to Him who recognised Him. The Sun was out. Only the eyes that were open would perceive it.