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The spark of devotion was burning fiercely in the heart of Khanna. He came to the residence of Shri Nathji and said to him with great reverence and humility:
Huzoor, mere ghar kab aayenge? Huzoor, when will you grace my home?”
Mr. Khanna, said Shri Nathji, you are inviting me to your home- but is there a place in it for me?  
“Ghar khaali hai jo mujhe bulaa rahe hain?”
Khanna understood. Shri Nathji was referring to a place in his heart. Tears came into Khanna’s eyes, and he said:
No, Huzoor, there is no place in it for you. Ghar to khaali naheen hai!
“It is a strange invitation, this,” Shri Nathji smiled, you are inviting me to your home, and there is no place in it for me. Would you have me stand in the street outside?
I have a request, said Khanna, make a place in my home by yourself, and come into it.
“Ghar khaali bhee kar deejiye aur aa bhee jaayiye!
Indeed the heart of man was so filled with the desires of the world that it had no place for God. Nor was man capable of making a place in it for Him. The only solution therefore was to ask God to clean the heart Himself and then to enter within, on His own.