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He had come to Mussoorie along with his family for the summer vacation. He was a first rate intellectual and scientist. He had a Master’s Degree in science at a time when few people in India had degrees of any kind, and most were content to remain as matriculates. Though the man originally hailed from Lahore, he had settled down at Lucknow.
He was about as materialistic as materialistic could be. “Eat, drink and be merry,” was his hedonistic motto in life. He led a thoroughly modern life – cocktail parties, western dances, etc. His daughters had cut their hair short at a time when most Indian girls wore the traditional long hair. The entire family was westernised.
Khanna scoffed at religion and spirituality. He would say about ascetics and mahatmas:
These poor fellows do not know how to enjoy the world. They give up the pleasures of this world in the hope of the joys of the world to come! If there is another world after death, only we, who know how to enjoy life, can benefit from it –not they!
The monumental ego of the man lent him a certain pomposity that even awed the Britishers, many of whom had the demeaning experience of waiting outside his office for hours on end. A greater egotist and atheist than he would have been hard to find. He had no place for spirituality within him. The raw material was ready for Shri Nathji.
Professor Wali Mohammad told him about Shri Nathji. He is genuine, said the professor, his spiritual power is very great and very real.
I have seen him walking on the Mall, Khanna said, he is very young and very attractive, and there is always a crowd of admirers around him.  But what can this young man give me? I have encountered many old and learned mahatmas, and they have not been able to convince me. I do not wish to meet him. Vo mujhe kyaa de sakte hain! What can he give me?”
Professor Wali Mohammad was saddened at the man’s attitude. He tried very hard to persuade him, and said finally with some vexation:
“Agar vo tujhe kuch naheen de sakte to teraa kyaa chheen lenge!
“If he cannot give you anything, then he will not take anything from you either!