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The words of the professor struck a note in Khanna’s heart. He relented, and agreed to visit Shri Nathji.  A letter was sent asking for an appointment, and a reply received.
Wali Mohammed saw Shri Nathji alone first, and said, “Hazrat, I am bringing this man here, but I am afraid he might not be receptive to you.  Please do not sever your relationship with me for any lapses on his part. Kaheen uss se naaraaz hokar mujhe bhee darbaar se na nikaal deejiyegaa!
Time came when R.R.Khanna arrived with Professor Wali Mohammad at Shri Nathji’s residence. Khanna was a man much older than Shri Nathji in age. He was wearing a typical British solar hat and was dressed in a western suit.