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And then Shri Nathji began speaking. His words flowed out like the nectar of life.  They reverberated deep down into the depths of Khanna’s soul, illuminating, reviving, and besieging.  Khanna sat and listened in stunned silence. Far from asking any questions, he felt the ultimate question in his life answered all by itself –he had found God.  By the time Shri Nathji had finished speaking, Khanna had been spiritually drenched, his ego drowned in an ocean of Love Divine.
Wah!  Wah!  Wonderful! Wonderful! was all that Khanna could say when he emerged from the bliss of self-forgetfulness. 
Professor Wali Mohammad was amazed at the sudden transformation of his atheist friend. The Wah! Wah!  was coming from the mouth of a man who, only minutes before, had negated God and everything Shri Nathji stood for.
Khanna had been an honest, searching soul deep within. As a scientist, he could not accept the existence of something he had not experienced himself. Within him lay a hidden search which suddenly surfaced and found fulfilment in Shri Nathji.
When I heard his voice, Khanna said later,
“I realised that it was the same voice that had been coming down to mankind through the ages. Ye vohi aavaaz hai jo yug yug men aati rahi hai!
A staunch atheist had become a staunch believer in one brief encounter with Shri Nathji. There could not have been a stronger proof of Shri Nathji’s divinity than this. It was a miracle that astounded the world of atheism.