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Shri Nathji used to say:
I have never asserted my own will upon anyone in the world! I have spent my entire life in self-effacement. I have always listened to what others said.

“Maine apni marzee kabhi kissee par assert naheen kee. Har ek ki maantaa gayaa. Saari umar mit mit kar kaati!

Shri Nathji also said:

Maine to bachchon ko bhee kabhi too kaihkar naheen pukaaraa! Hameshaan ‘jee’ kaih ke pukaaraa hai!

“I have never called out to children with the familiar ‘you’. I always use the suffix of respect -‘jee’ -even for the children!
Indeed Shri Nathji’s humility was an abject lesson to all the people of the world. Here was a being regarded as God Incarnate, and worshipped as such by many, who was so humble and had effaced his will to such an extent that he would be willing to follow even the dictates of a child!
This was surely a lesson for the mahatmas and holy men who did not even so much as glance at the multitudes worshipping them, far less condescend to speak with such humility to a child.. Anyone else in Shri Nathji’s place being revered as God would have become filled with mammoth pride.