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Shri Babaji Maharaj was greatly pleased with Nawab Istafa Khan and blessed him. The Glory of Divine Light–Noor–on the face of Shri Babaji Maharaj was so great at the time that it caused Shri Nathji to draw the attention of Istafa Khan to it, who immediately said:
Huzoor ke chehre par kis kadar noor ki zyaadati hai! How powerful is the divine radiance on the face of Shri Babaji Maharaj! I cannot bear to look upon it!
When Nawab Istafa Khan had first met Shri Nathji at Mussoorie he had said involuntarily:
Aise lagtaa hai ye rishtaa umar bhar ke liye hai! It appears that this relationship is for a lifetime!
Those who met Shri Nathji discovered that he had become the greatest love of their lives. Indeed this was a spontaneous feeling that came from within their hearts and souls and it proved that Shri Nathji was Love.