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At Jullunder, multitudes came for Shri Nathji’s darshan once again. Shri Nathji met Shri Kewal Kishen, public prosecutor, in the town who at once became enamoured of Shri Nathji and developed a deep and abiding faith in him. He invited Shri Nathji to come and stay in his house. Shri Kewal Kishen would say repeatedly to everyone: A precious jewel has come to our home!
Shri Kewal Kishen would quote this verse in homage to Shri Nathji:

Tum jahaan jaate ho ik aag lagaa dete ho
Sholaye toor se vaadaye eman hee jalaa

Wherever you go, you light a Fire
The flash from the Heavens could burn only Mount Sinai!

Kewal Kishen was referring to the legendary fire that came from the heavens and burnt the mountain of Sinai at the time of the Jewish prophet, Moses, more than two thousand years ago.