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Shri Nathji was so chaste and pure that never so much as a shade of a scandal ever followed him anywhere. Shri Nathji was surrounded by humanity, as also the most beautiful of women, Ranis and Maharanis, queens and princesses, all of whom were enamoured of his extraordinarily beautiful personality. He spoke very respectfully to them and referred to them as mataji and
bahenji but never did he so much as cast a worldly glance at them. His relationship was purely on the spiritual plane. On no occasion did he ever meet a woman alone. Women had always to come accompanied either by their husbands or parents or brothers and sisters. Truly Shri Nathji was described as ‘maryaadaa purushottam’ by many, maintaining the highest moral traditions of Lord Rama. This high and noble character of Shri Nathji had become legend. This was in contrast to many mahatmas of the day who fell a pray to the temptations of the world–in particular wealth and women.
A Muslim commissioner’s wife said to Shri Nathji at the end of Shri Nathji’s sermon at the Standard Hotel in Mussoorie: Sir, your Grace never goes out towards us women. You never cast a glance in our direction while speaking.
And Shri Nathji said: On the contrary, I never tire of referring to the ladies in the audience as mataji and bahenji. My internal blessings go out equally towards all.
Shri Babaji Maharaj would often say:
Wherever Shri Nathji goes he exalts my name.  These sadhus and mahatmas bring a disgrace upon the fair name of God.
“Shri Nathji jahaan bhee jaate hain meraa naam oonchaa kar ke aate hain! Ye sadhu mahatma Bhagwan ke naam ko badnaam karke aate hain!