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Istafa Khan often referred to Shri Nathji as Swamiji Maharaj! When Shri Nathji’s famous booklet on the life and teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad appeared in print in later years in 1932 in Lucknow, Istafa Khan wrote the introduction to it in the words:
Our Swamiji Maharaj has portrayed the Holy Prophet’s life and teachings in a manner in which there is not even the slightest trace of orthodoxy or religious bias. What stands out in the book is the absolute beauty with which a unity of hearts and a unity of direction is revealed to the world. There is an Ocean of Oneness, which sways hither and thither in the pages of this small book.
I, who have heard Swamiji’s sermons and have read his works, know from personal experience how wonderfully free all his teachings are from religious differences. Of this there cannot be even a shadow of a doubt, for he himself has written in this book: ‘Allah and His Love reside within the core of every religion.’  Subhaan Allah!  What a meaningful sentence. If there were no Love of Allah, no religion would exist!
I have read the works of many European Scholars and others on the Holy Prophet, and quite certainly these writings have a place in history. But Swamiji Maharaj’s work carries a message of oneness which is altogether so unique and so beautiful that I am bound to acknowledge it as supreme in my estimation.