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There was a time when Devki Nandan fell very ill.  Doctors gave up the case as hopeless. His relatives brought him down to the ground to breathe his last. He had one desire left in life, however, the desire of Shri Nathji’s darshan. A double X telegram arrived in Mussoorie. Mateshwari gave it to Shri Nathji in the middle of the night. Devki Nandan’s desire had to be fulfilled. He recovered miraculously. The next few days saw him in Mussoorie at Savitri Nivas, at Shri Nathji’s feet.
Death has no claim upon my devotees, Shri Nathji said to him. He stayed with Shri Nathji for a few days and Shri Nathji enquired whether he was perfectly all right.
How can one not be all right in thy darbaar!” said Devki Nandan, Huzoor ke darbaar men bhee koyi takleef ho sakti hai!
Some time later, when he passed away, it was with the name of Shri Nathji on his lips. His one wish in life had been: Please allow one amongst our family members to stay constantly in your service.