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When the business of the Kasera brothers was at its peak, they began to forget their duties towards Shri Nathji. Instead of serving him wholehearted they did so with hesitation. For a while they forgot that everything that they had gained, came from Shri Nathji. The natural law of divine justice took its course. Their business began to collapse, and they ran to Shri Nathji’s feet to beg forgiveness of him.
Huzoor, Ganni Lal said, when many other people go against the Will of God, nothing happens to them–why does a calamity befall a devotee the moment he errs?
And Shri Nathji replied:
It is only he who is corrected in time, who ceases to err. Those who are apparently not punished the first time, receive their punishment all at once in the end. Those whom God wishes to make great, he punishes immediately! 
Shri Nathji would also say: “A King will only punish his own son with his hands. For the others there is the police. Similarly God will only punish one who is dear to Him, for the rest there is the inexorable law of Karma–the law of cause and effect.”