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What would one expect from God in human form? If He were to fly around in the air, disappear and appear at will, assume four arms and three heads, materialise fruits without trees, and eggs with­out chickens, reduce his enemies to ashes, assume the proportions of a giant, or kick the earth around like a football–it would all be very dramatic, and would probably impress those theatrically inclined. Besides violating the Laws of Creation–which require men to remain on the ground and not appear or disappear at will, and to have one head and two arms at all times, and which require that every fruit must grow on a branch and every tree must come from a seed; which require the earth to follow an undisturbed orbit in space–such acts on the part of the Avatar would not reveal the godliness of God in any way whatsoever. God must be where His qualities reside–which are those of Love, Peace, Bliss and Knowledge. And, when in human form, God must limit his physical activities to those of the human body, accepting the frailties of the same; thus precluding the use of super-human powers.