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At this time in 1933, Khanna was living in a rented house above Savoy Hotel, and Shri Nathji had been living with him there.
When Khanna came to know of Shri Nathji’s desire to shift from his house to Kahkashan, which was below Savoy Hotel, Khanna’s despair knew no bounds. The news came as a thunderbolt to him. The very thought of separation from His Lord and Master became unbearable.
The shock was so great for him that he ran from his house to the edge of the mountain on which the house had been situated. His wife ran after him to stop him.
Khanna said in a desperate voice to his wife:
Jaano! Nathji chale! Maine jee kar kyaa karna hai!
“Jaano! Nathji is leaving us! I do not wish to live any longer!

Shri Nathji immediately went to Khanna and restrained him from jumping over the edge of the mountain cliff, and brought him back.
Only Shri Nathji was capable of inspiring such great love amongst people. Those who met him, fell in love with him, and could not bear to part from him. In Shri Nathji, people discovered that God was Love.
Shri Nathji would ever afterwards narrate this incident in his sermons keeping the devotion of Khanna alive for posterity. Shri Nathji would say:
“Jab main Khanna kaa ghar chhorrne lagaa to vo pahaarr se chhallaang lagaane gayaa!
When I was about to leave Khanna’s house he went to leap from a mountain!”
Shri Nathji temporarily gave up his desire to shift to Kahkashan. However, in the days to come, he gave Khanna such great inner peace that Khanna accepted Shri Nathji’s change of residence to Kahkashan. Kahkashan was very close to Khanna’s house in any case.
Kaash teraa ghar mere ghar ke mukaabil hotaa
Too na aataa teri aavaaz to aati
Alas, if only Thy house had been next to mine!
Even if thou would not come, Thy voice would come to me!
Thereafter Khanna would visit Shri Nathji at Kahkashan every day and would be seen in the verandah of the house, making tea for his Lord and Master, even as Shri Nathji’s unending flow of Love continued to pour out towards him.
Even though Shri Nathji had left Khanna’s house at Mussoorie, he did not leave his heart, where Shri Nathji resided all the time.