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One of the greatest miracles of Shri Nathji’s sermons was the manner in which every person in the hall found all his questions answered, unasked!
Even if there were hundreds of people listening to him, each with his own questions, all went away absolutely satisfied after the lecture. Only Shri Nathji was capable of fathoming the innermost thoughts of every being in existence. And this was because he was the Universal Soul–present within the core of every being.
The intelligentsia and common folk flocked to listen to his divine words. People of all faiths packed the hall and all went away fully convinced that Shri Nathji was a being from the heavens who existed only for them. No matter who saw or heard Shri Nathji, he always came away with the impression that Shri Nathji belonged to him. The fame of these sermons had become so great that many people came to Mussoorie especially to listen to them.
Even ballroom dances at the Hakman’s Hotel and halls of entertainment at Mussoorie could not keep people from reaching the venue of the Rialto Theatre to listen to Shri Nathji, where time and space were lost in an oblivion filled with Divine Intoxication, where all questions were answered of themselves, and sorrow and suffering were drowned in a sea of self-forgetfulness.
Shri Nathji’s name had become legend. It was acknowledged by all that there was no orator like him in the whole world–one whose voice reached deep down into the depths of the human soul and brought God with itself. It was a voice so full of Divine Love that it brought tears into the eyes of the listeners.
Khanna and his family would be seen frequently on the Mall Road of Mussoorie distributing leaflets that announced Shri Nathji’s lectures at the Rialto. People were surprised to see such well-dressed folk, apparently from a good family, standing on the road and distributing pamphlets merely to invite people to a free lecture.
A Grand Spiritual Feast, the leaflets would say. Lecture by His Holiness Shri Bhola Nathji Maharaj at the Rialto Theatre.