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Shri Nathji had frequently said:
Satyuga–or the Age of Truth has dawned!
This was as it should have been, for the Kalki Avatar or the Nishkalank Avatar was destined to appear in Satyuga, at the passing away of the Kaliyuga, the age of darkness, which began soon after the last avatar of Lord Krishna.
People are not aware of the dawn of this new age, Shri Nathji said. And he gave the following illustration:
It is early morning. There is darkness all around. The rays of the sun have not yet entered the world. A mother looks at her watch and knows that a new morning is about to dawn. But her child, who sees only darkness all around himself, thinks it is still night. He would only stare around him at the darkness in disbelief if he were told that a new morning had begun.
“Similarly, the people of the world are not yet prepared to accept the coming of the new age. But when the rays of the sun reach every eye, an awakening shall come about in the whole world. Let me congratulate you – the Sun of Spirituality has risen!
Aaftaabe taazaa paidaa batnegeti se huaa
Aasmaan doobe hue taaron kaa maatam kab talak
A new Sun has risen from the womb of the earth,
O Sky! Mourn not for the stars that are gone!