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There are two situations in life, Shri Nathji often said, when man should not worry. If he can solve his problem, there is no cause for worry; and if he cannot solve his problem, worry can be of no help to him.
“Therefore, what is the state in which you are worrying? Is it one which you can resolve? If so, then why are you worrying?
“Or is it one you cannot resolve? If so,–what good will worrying do?
Shri Nathji’s exact words in Hindi were:

“Aap chintaa uss sthithhee men kar rahe hain jisse thheek kar sakte hain, yaa uss stithhee men jisse thheek naheen kar sakte?
“Agar thheek kar sakte hain to chintaa kyon kar rahe hain?
“Aur agar thheek naheen kar sakte to chintaa karegi kyaa?
Shri Nathji left no room for worry:
For every problem in the world, there must be a solution! And if there is a problem for which there is no solution, then the problem is not a problem – it cannot exist.
“Sansaar men har prashn kaa uttar hai. Aur jis prashn kaa uttar naheen vo prashn prashn hee naheen!
“When you pose a question: what is three plus three equal to? The answer ‘six’ lies in the question itself. It came from three plus three.
“The answer to every problem lies in the problem itself.
“Har prashn kaa uttar prashn hee men hotaa hai!
“This World is a question, the answer lies within it. And the answer is God!