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Those were the days when Shri Nathji would always distribute cardamoms as prasaad after his sermons. He would give one or two cardamoms to each person in the room. It was a sanctified offering from God to man.
The cardamoms had become legend. People would travel large distances to secure this holy prasaad from his hands. It was a divine food that purified their inner beings and often rid them of their mental and physical afflictions. Though Shri Nathji never spoke of the healing powers of these cardamoms, or of their sanctity–indeed, they were offerings of Love Divine as far as he was concerned–his devotees, and numerous others who had partaken of the prasaad had developed an intense devotion for this sacred food, derived from experience.
People with genuine faith in Shri Nathji, firmly believed in the spiritual powers of Shri Nathji’s prasaad, and they would frequently travel large distances to secure it from his hand.
They would carry the prasaad away with them as if it were holier than the waters of the Ganges. Many an ailing and dying person had Shri Nathji’s cardamoms administered to him. Indeed, people would send the cardamoms by post to their relatives and friends to distant lands. These were not ordinary cardamoms. They had been touched by the hands of God.
Shri Nathji had but one answer to those who spoke of the miracles of healing the cardamoms had performed:
It was your Faith that healed you.