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Shri M. P. Khanna, who was a high-ranking Officer in the Railways, enjoyed the rare privilege of being Shri Nathji’s friend. He soon came to be known as Shri Nathji’s sakhaa–friend. His gigantic proportions–a body altogether too fat and tall–made it difficult for him to sit upon the ground. Therefore, a chair was provided for him at satsang time. This was very embarrassing for him, because at his feet sat Maharajas and Rai Bahadurs, Nawabs, judges and lawyers, and intellectuals of a high order, who had gathered together for Shri Nathji’s darshan.
Nathji, he would say, I trust by elevating me to the status of a friend you won’t deprive me of my spiritual share!
“Kaheen mujhe sakhaa bhaav men hee naa maar daalna! – I hope I won’t be cast aside as a mere friend!
I have a special relationship with everyone, Shri Nathji said, with some it is a mother and son relationship, with another a brother and sister relationship–with you it is the relationship of a friend! And I don’t want to lose him!
After satsang, every evening, the people would wait to watch a deeply moving scene. Shri Nathji would place a cardamom in M. P. Khanna’s mouth, and he would place one in Shri Nathji’s mouth. When the two embraced–in Shri Nathji’s words–it was like a squirrel embracing a mountain. People would come from far and near to see the only friend Shri Nathji ever had–his ‘sakhaa’.
Indeed God had every relationship that He could give man.
Tumev maataa cha pitaa tumev
Tumev bandhoo cha sakhaa tumev
Tumev vidya dravinam tumev
Tumev sarvam mam deva dev
Thou art my Mother and my Father
Thou art my Companion and my Friend
Thou art leaning and thou art Knowledge
Thou art the Lord of everything that exists