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Though both, Gopal Kasera and Shyam Lal Kasera, took dictation from Shri Nathji, Shyam Lal in particular, became Shri Nathji’s pen. It was through him that many books were written by Shri Nathji–books that were to enlighten humanity for many ages to come.
The divine rapport that was established between Shri Nathji and Shyam Lal was marvellous to behold. As Shri Nathji would begin to dictate, Shyam Lal would begin to sway with ecstasy, as the words flowed out from Shri Nathji’s mouth and entered into Shyam Lal’s pen. It was like a musician playing through a flute.
Shri Nathji was an ocean of divine knowledge, he would dictate for hours, books would appear to flow out of him every moment, and his faithful Shyam Lal would try to capture the divine torrent of words as speedily as he could on paper. The result was a handwriting, which only he could read later!
Over the years, Shri Nathji accumulated hundreds of pages written by Shyam Lal and preserved for posterity.
Indeed, after the passing away of Shyam Lal, Shri Nathji did not dictate any books to anyone else for many years to come. The Kasera brothers, Devki Nandan, Shyam Lal, Ganni Lal and Gopal, passed away one after another, each one of them having only one name on their lips during their last moments–the name of Shri Nathji.
Whenever Shyam Lal Kasera came before Shri Nathji, he would prostrate at his feet and break out into sobs. This scene was repeated whenever he departed from Shri Nathji’s darbaar as well. The affection and devotion he had for Shri Nathji went beyond the human plane.
Every winter he would write to Shri Nathji: The cold has set in at Mussoorie…. I pray you to move to the plains… And he would arrive in Mussoorie to accompany Shri Nathji down to the plains.
Shri Nathji felt the loss of Shyam Lal most. His pen had gone from him. Mateshwari would often say, Shri Nathji can never make another Shyam Lal in the world!
Shri Nathji used to recall how he had once been saddened at Shyam Lal’s departure from Calcutta. Though Bhutt and others offered to serve him, he never felt at ease until Shyam Lal was with him again.
Bhutt said: We can try to serve Shri Nathji as best as we can, but we can never become Shyam Lal!
Indeed, Shri Nathji never ceased to immortalize the name of his loyal Shyam Lal, who had mingled into his Divine Form with the words Nathji! Nathji! echoing in his ears during the last moments of his life.