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Shri Nathji was in Banarsi Bagh in Lucknow. He was speaking to Mr. M. P. Khanna and a judge of the Small Cause Court.
Shri Nathji said: I have three bottles with me. The effect of the first lasts only up to the time you are before me, the effect of the second lasts even when you have reached home, and the effect of the third makes you forget yourself altogether.
The judge said: Maharaj, I have felt the effect of the first two bottles. Why don’t you release the contents of the third bottle?
“Kabhee teesri botal ko bhee havaa lagvaayiye!
All right, then, Shri Nathji said in a rare moment of elation, come close to me!
And saying this, Shri Nathji placed a hand upon the man’s back. The effect was more than he could endure. He collapsed on the floor, a radiant flush on his face. Moments later he regained consciousness; a light divine shone on his face.   He could not speak a word the entire evening. He had discovered the third bottle Shri Nathji held in reserve.
It was rumoured that the man went away into the forests later, and remained an ascetic for sometime, before returning to his worldly duties again.
Shri Nathji would say:
“Main hazaar pardon ke peechhe se logon ko miltaa hoon. Agar ek bhee pardaa sarak jaaye to log apni hosh men naa rahen!”
”I meet people from behind thousands of veils. If even one of the veils were to slip, people would lose all consciousness of themselves.
“The sun can only be seen through clouds.”