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It was on the 23rd of December 1976, that Shri Nathji received five copies of his book “The Secret of Death” which had been published by the CSA press, at Georgia, America.
Shri Nathji and Priya Nath were happy beyond measure. Although they never got a single penny as royalties from the press, but they were happy that the message had gone out to people in America. The publishers had chosen the 1942 Naini Tal pose of Shri Nathji as their prime portrait at the back of the book. It was the same pose which had been enlarged into a large oil painting by Manda Chavan in 1975 when Shri Nathji had regained his sight.
Inside the book there was a majestic portrait of Shri Nathji taken in the 60’s, which brought to fore his divinity in a striking manner, and compelled the reader to look at it again and again. It was the portrait that had been printed in his book: “Mrityu Kaa Rahasya”, or “The Secret of Death”, which showed Shri Nathji in a bust pose in a turban and achkan.
On the front page of the book, the publishers showed a tree in green colour with all its branches and leaves. Here was Shri Nathji’s idea of the seed emerging as the tree, God emerging as the Universe.
Shri Nathji was so jubilant when he saw the book that he said in a loud tone: