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It was during those days of turmoil that the seeds of devotion were to bear fruit in the heart of a doctor in Nagpur, hundreds of miles away from Shri Nathji. The doctor was Ram Das Garg.
Dr. Garg had missed meeting Shri Nathji in 1973 when Shri Nathji had been in Nagpur last. But now that Shri Nathji was far away, he had entered into the doctor’s heart through the medium of a book.
Mrs. Gangabai Bhutt’s book: “Mere Prabhu Darshan ki Anmol Ghariyaan” – “The Priceless Moments of My Glimpses of God”, had been passed on to Dr. Ram Das Garg in Nagpur. Thereafter, a yearning had seized his soul to meet Shri Nathji; God had entered into his heart.
He obtained the Delhi and Mussoorie addresses of Shri Nathji and began writing letters to him–one every day. He would begin the day’s work only after he had written and despatched a letter to Shri Nathji.
The letters contained a spiritual pathos, the thirst of a soul seeking from ages. Though physically far, he found his inner being come closer and closer to Shri Nathji with the passage of each and every day. Then followed attempts at telephoning over the long distance, which were not very successful, and finally, there came about that decisive, powerful meeting–when Shri Nathji entered deep down into the depths of the soul of Dr. Garg, to remain there forever.
Dr. Garg’s letters to Shri Nathji carried the torment of his soul:
My heart can find no happiness in the pursuit of the world, it yearns for thy darshan, it yearns to be at thy feet, to serve thee and to remain with thee…….
Immediately after Shri Nathji had had his eye operation in November 1975, Dr. Garg arrived at his residence in Delhi. The servant outside, who wished to keep all visitors away, told the visitor that Shri Nathji was in Mussoorie. Dr.Garg went away disappointed from the door.
Shri Nathji found out that a devotee had been sent back from his door. The servant had been acting in good faith, presumably to keep visitors from disturbing Shri Nathji’s convalescence. Shri Nathji immediately asked the servant to run after the visitor and to bring him back.
The servant located Dr. Garg, and brought him back to Shri Nathji’s residence. For Dr. Garg it was a long-cherished dream come true.
The meeting with Shri Nathji was brief. Dr. Garg entered into his room–his eyes wide open with awe and reverence, a hidden fountain seemed to be ready to burst within him.
As he came close to Shri Nathji, the latter embraced him. The doors of his soul opened, and received the fulness of God in all His Glory.
Tears came into Dr. Garg’s eyes as he began to weep uncontrollably. The thirsty soul, which had been separated from its essence since ages, had found fulfilment. God had called to himself another seeking soul in the vast infinity of the Universe. Dr. Garg lay his head down at Shri Nathji’s feet delivering up his self to his Lord and Master.
A new world of spiritual bliss had opened up for the doctor. Shri Nathji blessed him with a new efficacy in his remedies. Aapke paas davaa bhee hai aur duaa bhee hai, he said to Dr. Garg, you have with you not only medicine, but also prayer.
And, indeed, this was what the doctor began experiencing in his daily practice. He would hand out photographs of Shri Nathji to his patients along with his prescription. Portraits of Shri Nathji adorned his clinic as well as each and every room in his house.
A radiance came upon his features, an irrepressible spiritual bliss burst out from within him each time he came before Shri Nathji. Many a time he was saved from serious road-accidents while he drove, by the miraculous grace of Shri Nathji. No one could describe or understand the state of happiness of this successful doctor who had tasted of the joys of the world and hadgone on to regions of spiritual joy before which worldly happiness paled into insignificance.