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Priya Nath had, by that time, become doubtful of the doctor’s ability and he took Shri Nathji to a certain Major General Satya Prakash in Jorbagh, who was an eye surgeon of repute.
Dr. Satya Prakash was very pleasantly surprised to see Shri Nathji. He had met him at Lucknow in the 1930’s at the house of R.R. Khanna, and had been thinking of him for days.
Perhaps it was to give his darshan and blessings to the good doctor that Shri Nathji had allowed this complication to develop in his eye.
Major General Satya Prakash looked at the eye and said: “Whoever has done this operation was not an eye surgeon, but a butcher. He has caused an iris prolapse in the eye, and has, in addition, sewn up the iris into the wound! You will require another operation!”
A simple operation, performed by a double F. R. C. S., had resulted in complications for Shri Nathji, whilst hundreds of similar operations done elsewhere by very ordinary doctors, went smoothly. It was as if the pain of the sorrow-stricken of the world had entered into Shri Nathji’s eyes.
While Shri Nathji was not affected by the grim news and remained as cheerful as ever, Priya Nath was aghast. Priya Nath prayed silently to Shri Nathji to cure his own eye and to not to allow a second operation.
Dr. Satya Prakash tested Shri Nathji’s vision and placed a combination of lenses in front of his eyes. Much to Priya Nath’s delight, Shri Nathji could see the furthest on the chart and read the smallest print! It was as if he had instantly answered his prayers. 
Dr. Satya Prakash told Shri Nathji that his correct Spectacles number was 13, whereas the eye surgeon had wrongly prescribed number 9.  He also said Shri Nathji would have to get a special type of spectacles made to take into account the iris prolapse and the altered shape of the cornea. He gave Shri Nathji the address of a certain Dr. Bhatia Optician in Khan Market, who had a shop called Panoptics.
Shri Nathji and Priya Nath went to his shop. The man instantly developed great faith in Shri Nathji, even as he made the special spectacles for him, and Shri Nathji said to him:
“I have placed you on my eyes! Maine aapko apni aankhon par rakhaa hai!”