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Amongst the first to see the painting was Mata Tara Devi, who used to sit outside Shri Nathji’s house for hours before and after the eye operation of Shri Nathji. When she discovered that the eye operation had been a success she said:
I cannot tell you how happy I am today! she said, My Nathji has regained his sight again!
When the large-sized oil painting of Shri Nathji was brought before her, she was seized by an uncontrollable spiritual ecstasy. Tears streamed from her eyes, and she clapped her hands in rhythm and sang, as if in a trance:

Mere Rabb di tasveer ban gayi
Saare duniyaan de Maalik di tasveer ban gayi
Saare duniya de Paigambaraan di tasveer ban gayi
Shri Nathji di apni tasveer ban gayi

This is the painting of God,
The painting of the Emperor of the World!
It is the painting of all the prophets of the World–
It is the painting of Shri Nathji Himself!