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Shri Nathji wished Priya Nath to begin the spreading of his message from Mussoorie from the heights of which they appeared to command the whole world in the plains below.
Shri Nathji spoke of the efficiency of the Railway Out Agency at Mussoorie and said it could send books anywhere in India. Shri Nathji and Priya Nath even dedicated a room at the East end of the verandah at Savitri Nivas, as the office from which Shri Nathji’s mission would go out to the whole world.
It was an exhilarating moment when Shri Nathji inaugurated this office with his blessed words. Although the office did not take a practical shape, it remained as a reminder of Shri Nathji’s great enthusiasm to spread his mission from Mussoorie.
Shri Nathji had often said to Priya Nath that had he not come to Mussoorie in 1929 and met R.R. Khanna and the judiciary and intellectuals there, his mission may not have spread as rapidly as it did. Mussoorie was always a special place for Shri Nathji–his home, the legendary abode of Lord Shankar, Kailash Bhoomi.