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Shri Nathji wrote in the Thought

Shri Nathji always said that the book could bring about unity amongst the various religions of the world. Shri Nathji was the very personification of unity. People of all faiths felt that he was one their own. All religious differences ceased to exist when they were before him.
“God was like the seed of the Universe who disappeared from sight and gave rise to the world before us. Look at a seed. When it is sown into the ground it is no more visible, but with the passage of time, it emerges as a shrub, and then a full-grown tree with leaves and flowers and fruits. Everything that emerges to view was within the seed itself. People who look upon the tree, see only the tree but not the seed from which it came.
“However the end product of evolution brings the seed back again into view as it emerges from the fruit on the tree! Thus it is that God concealed himself after the creation of the Universe, and now he appears in it as the final fruit of evolution in the form of the Avatar!”
In the above words Shri Nathji had expressed his own advent upon earth as the final fruit of evolution.
Indeed, with the evolution of science and civilisation there was no reason why religion should remain static. The final fruit of religion had to be oneness, as was seen in Shri Nathji’s personality.