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Priya Nath was so overjoyed that Shri Nathji had regained his vision that he wanted to make a huge oil painting of Shri Nathji to celebrate the event. It would be the first beautiful thing that Shri Nathji would be seeing after a long time. Priya Nath selected a 1942 photograph of Shri Nathji taken at Naini Tal, where he was shown standing amidst the clouds, looking like a Messiah from the heavens.
It was given by Shri Chati to a lady, a certain Mrs. Manda Chavan, who was an artist, and the wife of Dr.R.B.Chavan of the Indian Institute of Technology. She made the oil painting and brought it to the house of Shri Nathji after a few days. The painting was stunning. It showed Shri Nathji in a brown achkan and a yellow head bandana standing in the heavens in a sky cast in white and blue clouds.