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It was interesting to observe Shri Nathji dealing with the sharks of the business world. When he was getting his books printed he had to deal with the tricks of seasoned press owners. The manner in which Shri Nathji handled these businessmen was amazing.
People were surprised when they saw Shri Nathji listening to rate quotations of printing and binding charges, taking acute interest in the minutes of details of the trade, examining the stitching and sewing of books, and the face of various kinds of type, driving out to crowded areas like Chawri Bazaar in Delhi to purchase paper–and, indeed, doing everything else a man of the world would be called upon to do. Few could understand him then.
Leave him alone in his godliness, said Dr. Kelkar, a member of the Sahitya Akademi at Delhi, to Priya Nath,  why must he be dragged down to the haggling level of worldly men!
Little did he know that it was to come down to the haggling level! with men that Shri Nathji had taken an avatar upon the earth.
Dr. Kelkar had acquired great faith in Shri Nathji after he had read his book Atma Vijay part II, and then come into contact with Shri Nathji. He would always advise Priya Nath to not to get entangled with the hardened world of business in the printing industry. At the same time he would add: “You are a Harvard scholar. Why should you allow anyone to cheat you?”
Once the above-mentioned member of the Sahitya Akademi, Dr.Kelkar, was travell­ing in a train in the middle of June. He had a heatstroke and collapsed. He was taken to a hospital and medical tests performed on him. His blood urea had shot up to an abnormal level of 300.
When he was being carried on the hospital stretcher, his daughter was by his side and was asking him: “Will Shri Nathji come to visit you here? Everyone else has.”
Beti! said the man, can’t you see him? He is walking here by my side! The man had a vision. Shri Nathji appeared before him, bare-footed, and the man held on to his feet and wept for a long time. Shri Nathji gave him a tablet to eat. Just then the vision was over. And he found himself in the hospital, his crisis over.
Dr. Kelkar had been introduced to Shri Nathji by Shri Bapat who was a Commissioner in Delhi at the time. Bapat had been greatly convinced by Shri Nathji’s book, Atma Vijay II and always kept it by his side.