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Shri Nathji had always wished that not many people come to know of him, no matter where he lived. This was necessary so that he could devote himself to his work of writing in peace. If all the people in the colony would have come to know who he really was, his house would have been flooded with a constant stream of visitors, who would not have given him time to even eat or sleep.
As it was, most of Shri Nathji’s work continued in an invisible form, no matter where he was living. He was reaching out to people everywhere entering their hearts, appearing before them in the form they identified with, answering their prayers and mitigating their sorrows and sufferings.
While his greater invisible self performed these actions, his limited human body remained on earth to give his darshan and blessings to those selected souls who had been waiting for him since ages past and had wished to see God in human form.
It was only the prayers of these few devotees that had made him take an avatar upon earth. Even the sincere prayers of one such devotee would have compelled him to come down upon earth in human form. Numbers did not matter to him since he was connected with the whole world all the time.
Many a time he had said:
“I can call the whole world here in a moment, but where will I keep it?”