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It occurred to Priya Nath that Shri Nathji must write a book on Death, which would enlighten humanity for ages to come. Though people spoke about Death in various terms no one really had an idea what it was.
Now that Shri Nathji had the time, he must set down his revelations on paper. These would be revelations coming direct from the Source of All Knowledge. Shri Nathji agreed to everything that Priya Nath said, and he decided to dictate the book at once to Sahadeva Tayal who was living with them in the house. The book was named: “Mrityu Kaa Rahasya” or “The Secret of Death”.
Shri Nathji would sit down in the drawing room, his eyes closed, while he dictated page after page of an intriguing subject which only he was capable of explaining.
His flow of Urdu and Persian Verses excelled anything that he had written before. These were divine revelations coming from the mouth of One who had created Life and Death in the world. When Shri Nathji finished, he could not help but add the sentence that the book was “be-misal”– one without compare.
It was only Shri Nathji who was capable of using Sahadeva as the instrument through whom the book was written on paper.
Sahadeva suffered from an ailment that made him drowsy during some periods of the year. He was in the throes of such a fit of somnolence when the book had been dictated to him by Shri Nathji.
It was a great miracle that there was not a single spelling error despite the complex Urdu and Persian which Shri Nathji had used in the book. Shri Sahadeva Tayal wrote the book in Hindi script so that it could be read by those who did not know Urdu and Persian. Priya Nath had also desired that the book be written in Hindi since he could then have the chance to translate it into English.