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The sun had hidden itself behind a cloud as Shri Nathji emerged from the plane and stood at the head of the staircase leading to the ground.
He shut his eyes for a brief second, raised his arms in the air, and then climbed down the stairs, to set foot on the soil of India.
Pran Nath, Priya Nath and Shri Krishen Khanna followed him down the steps, carrying with them the ashes of Mateshwari.
Four long years had elapsed since the Creator had left India. The date was August 31, 1967.
The verse echoed in Shri Nathji’s mind:

“Baade muddat phir vohi cheezen nazar aanen lageen
Chhorrkar jinko gaye thhe saire duniyaa ke liye
After ages, the scenes of old appeared again before my eyes,
Leaving which, I had gone to see the world.”

* * * * * * * * * *