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One of the first visitors was Shakuntala Mehra. A miracle had occurred in her life. Just when she was on the verge of despair, and had no place to live, her wealthy sister, Raj Puri, had invited her to live with her in her palatial home at Lajpat Nagar. It was all the miracle of Shri Nathji.
Raj Puri also had faith in Shri Nathji, but it did not equal that of Shakuntala. Her son had gone to Australia and then virtually disappeared. Raj Puri had been pining away for him for days but there was no letter from him. Months had passed and the mother was in despair. It was then that Shri Nathji arrived in South Extension, New Delhi, and Shakuntala took her sister to see Shri Nathji. Raj Puri narrated her sorrow to Shri Nathji and returned home. 
The very next day there was a letter from her son from Australia! Raj Puri could never forget this miracle of Shri Nathji, which had proved more than ever before to her that Shri Nathji was rightly worshipped as God upon earth by his devotees. It was only he who had the power to answer prayers in a flash.