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In later months when Shri Nathji had left Kirti Nagar and had begun to live in Sarvodya Enclave, a locality very far removed from the Bahl’s home, they continued to visit Shri Nathji there.
Mrs. Bahl’s faith in Shri Nathji was so great that she would travel ten miles by bus every day in the scorching heat and dust storms of New Delhi to his residence, merely to take Shri Nathji’s clothes for washing. Later, Mr. Bahl would iron the clothes with his own hands.
How can you travel in such terrible heat? her neighbours would ask her.
Heat? she would say, it appears to me as if Shri Nathji has air-conditioned the bus, and controlled the weather!
Once she was returning home from Shri Nathji’s residence at Sarvodya Enclave, New Delhi, when she came across a large crowd gathered in front of a bus. A young man lay on the ground, apparently dead. No one would lift him off the ground.
Mrs. Bahl had Shri Nathji’s cardamom prasaad with her, which Shri Nathji had given her when she left. On a sudden impulse she put the cardamoms in the young man’s mouth and offered a silent prayer to Shri Nathji.
To the amazement of all present, the man got up from the ground that very instant!
These, and numerous events of a like nature, brought the Bahls closer and ever closer to Shri Nathji.
Which was not to say that Shri Nathji always heard their prayers. On one occasion, when they had carried out an improper construction on their property, they prayed to Shri Nathji to save it–but Shri Nathji allowed justice to take its natural course and the construction was demolished.
What shall it profit a man if he gaineth the whole world and loseth his own soul! Shri Nathji would say time and again to people who came to him seeking material gains.