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Gangabai Bhutt arrived at the residence of Shri Nathji at South Extension and expressed her great sorrow at Mateshwari’s going.
She narrated how distraught Bhutt Sahib had become at Shri Nathji’s going abroad. He had retired as Chief Justice and had then taken up the job of Vice Chancellor of Saugar University. However he had left that job after a while and had lived in apparent retirement in the solitude of Brindaban, where he would pace the roof at nights finding life to be meaningless without Shri Nathji. He had assumed that Shri Nathji would never return to India.
Gangabai Bhutt brought some money saved by Bhutt Sahib for Shri Nathji, which Shri Nathji could not refuse. Shri Nathji recalled how, in 1950, at Delhi, once Shri Nathji had returned the sewa Bhutt Sahib had placed before him and Bhutt Sahib had said:
“Agar aapne sewaa hee naheen leni to main ne jee kar kyaa karnaa hai! If you are not going to accept any service from me, then of what use my living any longer!”
Whatever Bhutt Sahib had to offer to Shri Nathji came from the depths of his heart as a gift of love offered to his nearest and dearest Loved One, his Lord and Master.