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Madame Krull and her Thai assistant, a young girl, Lekh, continued to visit Shri Nathji at South Extension. Madame Krull would even wash the two dogs with her own hands at times. Pran Nath would take her out to her meetings and conferences in the Ford car. Shri Nathji would also go along for the ride.
There was a United Nations sponsored UNCTAD conference in Delhi at that time. Madame Krull had occasion to attend the conference, where she met a French lady, Mrs. Marcuse, and told her about Shri Nathji.
Mrs. Marcuse came to Shri Nathji’s residence, along with Madame Krull. She had a number of difficult questions to ask on spirituality. No mahatma or intellectual in India or abroad had ever been able to satisfy her. She had always felt that people were guessing, and that no one really had the answers.
The moment she came before Shri Nathji, a great miracle occurred. All her questions were answered, unasked. Her heart and soul thrilled with a new spiritual feeling.
She was hard of hearing, and she sought permission to move her chair closer to Shri Nathji’s seat. And Shri Nathji said to her:
Mrs. Marcuse, you were hard of hearing and this brought you closer to me. In a like manner, when you cannot hear the voices of the world, when you cannot see the diversity around you, when the mind is stilled, you come close to God!