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Alfred Hicky, the Australian, took it for printing. Shri Nathji wished that someone else be called for the difficult task of proof reading, since Sahadeva Tayal could not read the fine print of the proofs. And, as if in answer to his call, there was Shri Parmeshwari Das from Allahabad who arrived quite suddenly on the scene.
For the next few weeks there was a regular tussle between the press and Parmeshwari Das who corrected errors which the press had failed to incorporate into the proofs. These press people were hardened businessmen who could be quite rude when they chose to be.
They would surround Parmeshwari Das and try to cow him down to submission. However, he would refuse to yield, and insist that the mistake was that of the press and, therefore, they had to reprint the page at their own cost. Parmeshwari Das would say in his rustic Hindi to the press manager in his office: “Pannaa le aao to kaam bane! Bring the page and that will settle the matter!” And Parmeshwari Das would be invariably correct.
Alfred Hicky once said to Shri Nathji: “You have two disciples here. They are like the disciples of Christ .One is like Peter and the other like John. Mr. Tayal is like Peter with his hot temper, and Mr. Das is like John with his patience! I have seen him humble the wiliest of pressmen! I take my hat off to him.”