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Shri Nathji liked the slow and steady driving of Priya Nath and the manner in which he stopped the Standard car at every crossroad and carefully looked to the right and the left before proceeding onwards.
He would always say to Priya Nath:
“Piyaji, whenever you drive I never have any reason to fret. Whenever anyone else drives, I have to watch the road all the time.”
Priya Nath recalled how Shri Nathji used to tell him years ago, about road sense:
“Look to the left and look to the right,
Then cross the traffic which is in sight.”
And that was the advice that Priya Nath followed while driving, and, consequently, never had an accident.
Shri Nathji and Priya Nath would go for walks in the colony itself where the streets would be littered with bricks and sand for the houses being constructed, and they had to walk very carefully.
Also there were the frequent cows and stray dogs that came on the streets, which made walking difficult. Priya Nath always remembered that the forces of evil were ever waiting to strike out at Shri Nathji’s delicate body and would lose no opportunity to do so.
In every averted accident, every stray cow running towards them, every cricket ball hurled in their direction, and every swerving car coming at them, Priya Nath saw the hand of the powers of Satan – the asuri bal – waiting to strike at Shri Nathji.
As a consequence, he rarely took Shri Nathji for walks outside the house and did so only when absolutely necessary. For the greater part, Shri Nathji would pace back and forth in the lawn of the house. People did not know it, but these strides across the lawn were really the gigantic strides that Shri Nathji was taking across the infinite stretch of the Universe.