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Rajinder had been married in 1962. At the time that Shri Nathji was leaving India in 1963, his wife Phullanji had had but a brief glimpse of Shri Nathji, but that one glimpse was enough to fill her heart with faith. Immediately after Shri Nathji had left Delhi and had gone to London, Phullanji was with child.
She was a nurse in the Northern Railway Hospital, and had been admitted there for the delivery of the child. However, serious complications arose and the doctors there feared for her life as well as the life of the child.
Rajinder Kohli was sitting outside the operation theatre. Instead of remaining there by the side of his wife, he had rushed immediately to the residence of Mateshwari and Priya Nath at West Patel Nagar and prayed to them for a photograph of Shri Nathji as also for their blessings.
He rushed back with the photograph and had it placed in the operation theatre. A miracle occurred. Not only did Phullanji recover fully but she gave birth to a perfectly normal and healthy baby.
She and Rajinder thereafter always kept that particular portrait of Shri Nathji in their home and prayed to it day and night. That picture had become the solace of Rajinder’s life and remained with him till the end of his days. Shri Nathji was the only God that Rajinder Kohli ever knew in his life.
As his wife came before Shri Nathji at South Extension she was overwhelmed and wept with devotion. She owed her life to the Mercy and Grace of Shri Nathji and had no words to thank him.